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Long Treks and Adventure


Ladakh offers the adventurous a wealth of challanges.

Whether you want the excitement of white water rafting, cross country cycling, a long trek or a mountain ascent we can meet your needs.



Long treks


These are generally in the Markka or Zanskar valleys but there are

many other options available.

The amount of support provided is tailored to meet your requirements.

A fully supported trek includes a guide, cook, ponyman and

helpers with all camping equipment and food. Transport to and

from the end of the trek is included. Ponies will carry all the equipment

leaving you to walk just carrying your camera!

The duration of a long trek can range from a week to a month, depending on the time you have available.



Cross country cycling


Cross country cycling is increasingly popular in Ladakh with an enormous

range of off road tracks available. You can bring your own cycle or we can

provide them. As with a long trek you can be fully supported on your route

and we will transport you too and from your start and finish points.



White water rafting


The Indus river and some of its tributaries offer exciting white water rafting

opportunities. These are generally on a day trip from Leh and you will be provided with transport to the river and your food for the day.





Climbing parties can be arranged to Stok Kangri and other peaks. These climbs can be challanging and previous mountaineering experience, appropriate climbing clothes, boots and kit are necessary.