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Walking tours and Short treks


Leh is the perfect centre for walking tours or short treks as well as a

base to acclimatise to the altitude.


Walks and tours generally involve 3 overnight stops but can be tailored to meet

the time you have available.


Walking tours are ideal if you are not a regular walker or just to test yourself

for a longer trek in the future. They are ideal for families.


A short trek enables you to tackle more challanging terrain and gain experience

for an adventurous trek next time!


The walking tours and short treks age generally planned for the Markka Valley

and the villages of the Indus Valley






Whether on a walking tour or short trek we will take care of everything including :



Transport to and from the start and finish destinations


A support team including a knowledgeable local guide


Camping accomodation or homestay


Breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner


Ponies to carry everything so you can travel light!









Walking or trekking, enjoy the huge landscapes of Ladakh


and the welcoming hospitality of villages and farms along the way